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Machon Temima gives Jewish women the tools they need to succeed in college or university. With a diverse and dynamic catalogue of Torah courses, students can engross themselves in spiritual studies, which in turn fulfill elective requirements toward their degree.

With course topics ranging from Jewish history, commentaries on Chumash, Pirkei Avos, and many more, discover religious enrichment that brings back the days of Seminary – alongside your current college program!

With options for classroom-style lectures, as well as the ability to take courses on your own time, Machon Temima allows you to expedite your graduation date with ease!

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Vera Kessler

Machon Temima is the perfect answer to the question faced by many women who want to continue their Jewish learning, but don't feel that they have the time. This program offers a variety of interesting courses that women can choose from to study. The classes are enjoyable, engaging, and provide meaningful content. The best part is that because the classes are online, women can watch and listen to them at their own convenience. Since Machon Temima is an accredited program, accepted by many colleges and universities, women can continue to enrich their lives with Torah, while getting the credits they need for their degree.  

Rabbi Pesach Fishman

I have been privileged to be involved with Machon Temima. Every one of their courses demonstrate the very best practices in education. From the course structure, to the variety of topics and instructors, everything comes together for an incredible experience. It's more than academics. It's a guide for life