Achieving Great Heights in Higher Education

When embarking on the path toward your college degree, make your journey more meaningful by taking Torah courses as electives.

Typical college programs require that you take a specified number of elective classes. Often, these can entail anything from journalism to pottery.

But as a daughter of the Jewish people, you yearn for more. Enter; Machon Temima – A wide variety of accredited online Torah Courses that fulfill these elective requirements and nurture your soul. Each course is accredited by major universities and will help you earn your degree.

How do Machon Temima courses help toward my degree?

All our courses are accredited by major universities, and they fulfill your chosen degree’s general elective requirements.

What types of courses are available?

Machon Temima is proud to offer a catalogue of Torah courses covering a plethora of topics, including, but not limited to: 12 Keys of Analyzing Tanach, The Shabbos Kitchen in Halacha, Mishlei’s Meanings, Chumash Studies in Rashi: Deep Simplicity, Pirkei Avos: The Ethics of The Fathers, Jewish History 1: Destruction, Exile, and Return, Chumash Sheish Zechiros, and many, many more.

Can I take Machon Temima courses if I didn’t go to seminary?

Yes! Our courses are rich and engaging, and accessible.

Are courses live or can I take them on my own time?

Some courses are live, and some courses can be taken anytime, anywhere – whatever works best for you!

Is financial Assistance available?

To learn more about Financial Assistance opportunities, see this form.

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